Valeria of Pelor

Female human blessed child of Pelor


“How can I help you?”

Title(s): Blessed Child of Pelor
Age: 14
Hair: red
Eyes: clear blue
Height: 1,63m
Weight: around 40kg
Birthdate: 10/08/495
First Seen: S1E01 “Stormhold”
Main Weapon: the light of Pelor
Main Armor: cerimonial robes
Signature Move: Bless
Religion: Pelor
Homeland: Northern Stormhold
Siblings: none known

Valeria is one of the Enlightened, a small group of people allegedly chosen by Pelor to perform some great service in his name. She was induced into the service of the Sun God at the age of seven, and displayed abilities considered holy by her superiors much before. Valeria is polite, stoic and too formal for her age.

On the aftermath of the gnoll attack to Ibonis, Valeria was sent there to raise the populace’s spirits. She spends most of her time blessing crops, tending to the sick and the wounded and praying in her quarters inside the small village’s church.

Valeria of Pelor

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